noun. \ ə-ˈrȯr-ə
1) emission of light from atoms excited by electrons;
2) the Roman goddess of dawn.

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Aurora champions women and gender equality through a series of interviews inclusive of a wide range of voices. We recognize that freedom of expression is an important step towards equitable outcomes for women and by extension all of humanity.

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Photo: Angu Motzfeld

Photo: Angu Motzfeld


In many respects Greenland is at the forefront of gender equality, but obstacles remain for the advancement of women both professionally and domestically. In conversation with Erica Dingman, Sara Olsvig reflects on initiatives started during her time as an elected official, areas for improvement, and why women’s right and children’s rights should be considered collectively.

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Erica Dingman is the founder of the Arctic in Context initiative at the World Policy Institute. Arctic in Context was launched in 2014, and mixes digital technology with in-person events. The initiatives web-based platform provides a global audience with an accessible overview of region-wide issues using timelines, videos, and analysis. Her articles have appeared in various publications including CNN, Al Jazeera, Arctic Yearbook and Diplomatic Courier. She is a member of the University of Washington’s Arctic Center Steering Committee and holds a Masters in International Affairs from The New School.

You can find Erica on Twitter: @ericading.