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Women of the Arctic: Bridging Policy, Research & Lived Experience.

In their Arctic Yearbook Briefing Note, Gosia Smieszek, Tahnee Prior, and Olivia Matthews reflect on “Women of the Arctic: Bridging Policy, Research & Lived Experience”, a non-academic event hosted at the 2018 UArctic Congress in Helsinki, Finland. The authors unpack key points from the event’s three panels, share what’s next - a digital storytelling platform on gender in the Arctic - and conclude with a call for women who live in, work on, or engage with the Arctic to share their photographs to provide a fuller picture of “Women of the Arctic”.


Women step forward in the Arctic.

Arctic Finland wrote about our desire to hear more women’s voices in the Arctic debate.


Exorcizing Harveys: Writing for Women of the Arctic.

In her piece for Artists & Climate Change, playwright and artistic director of The Arctic Cycle, Chantal Bilodeau reflects on her experience of collaborating with “Women of the Arctic” and having her play, “Whale Song”, performed as a part of the event.


Women in the north: From voting rights to voting power

In her commentary, Dr. Ingrid Medby examines how, despite their high ranking on gender equality, many Scandinavian countries like Norway continue to face macho culture. She references “Women of the Arctic” when noting the predominance of “manels” in political discussions on the Arctic.


Women’s issues are coming to the forefront of arctic discussions

Melody Schreiber of Arctic Today reflects on our breakout session, “Toward an Arctic Women’s Summit”, at the 2018 Arctic Circle Assembly, noting that “a coalition of Arctic observers are pushing for an Arctic Women’s Summit to help highlight issues of gender equality in the circumpolar region.”


Tahnee Prior thinks gender equality should be “Plan A,” in the Arctic

The Faculty of Environment at the University of Waterloo profiles the work of #WomenoftheArctic in an interview with co-founder Tahnee Prior.